Trump separates families to gain political leverage


Friday, June 22, 2018

A recent columnist castigated the left for showing outrage over the separation of children from their parents at the southern border. However, she was not comparing apples to apples.

Our country is currently separating children from their parents when they cross the U.S. border. These people are seeking asylum in the U.S. They have their children with them because they love them and want a safe place to raise them. They are not criminals.

The government says these people, many who have already traveled hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles to reach the U.S., must go to a port of entry and ask for asylum. The ports of entry, however, turn them away, saying they are at capacity. The policy of separation was set in place by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April with his “zero tolerance” policy. President Trump is leveraging the plight of these children and their parents to get Congress to provide funding for a wall.

Trump has no tolerance for brown-skinned people. Just look at his immigration policies since he took office. Crossing the border to seek asylum is not a crime. The crime is the way the government is treating these people. It is immoral and unjust.

Trump is doing irreparable harm to these young people. Can you image the terror a young child endures when he or she is taken from loving arms and placed in a system where the only adults are told not to comfort them? Good heavens, have we really fallen so low as to harm a child to gain political leverage?

Yes, we have a problem with illegal immigration. But we can solve it without separating families and putting people in cages. What is next? AK 47’s at the border to shoot down anyone daring to cross without permission?

What if these children were your children or grandchildren? Think of yourself as a mother or father seeking a better life for your child, and then men in uniform take your child away and all you get is a receipt to help reclaim them as if they were a piece of merchandise.

We are better than this. These people are not criminals and the separation of children from parents is not the law, it is a policy started by this administration. Trump could stop this in a second with just a call to the Department of Justice. But he won’t because he wants the leverage.

Cordy Lavery

Elizabeth City

Editor’s note: Since this letter’s submission, President Trump has signed an executive order ending the separation of children from their parents at the southern border.