Dems would keep border open even for IS members


Monday, July 2, 2018

I strongly agree with Holly Audette’s recent columns on immigration. In both columns she again nailed the truth on another difficult issue.

Yes, the situation at our borders is heart-rending. However, we just can't throw away our laws and totally open our borders to anyone. This may come to a surprise for some but there are many outside our country who hate America and Americans. Furthermore, they would like nothing better than to just waltz across the border and do their dirty work. Many of these people intent on harm have been stopped already, but the media have been strangely mum on that.

Oh, and by the way, many of those pictures that have been used to slam President Trump were actually taken in 2014. Hmmm, now who was president at that time?

I also believe very strongly that we must have an ID to vote. This is vital and it actually encourages voting, not suppressing it.

Now Trump has signed his order on families at the border but it appears even that is not enough to appease the Democrats, who I believe want nothing less than a full open border to allow any Tom, Dick or ISIS member to come in here.

It makes you wonder who are the ones who really are trying to protect us. That is something very important to think about when we vote this November.

Ray Clarke Sr.

Elizabeth City