Pet-compassionate policies make communities attractive


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A recent letter regarding Pasquotank County’s proposed animal welfare ordinance was outstanding. Many great points were made that any pet owner would want to convey.

Of particular importance were the statistics offered in the closing paragraph, and that people are often attracted to areas that have strong animal welfare laws. In view of this information, perhaps Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County officials should communicate with each other.

Elizabeth City just paid a $10,000 application fee to obtain North Carolina Retirement Community status. Do they really believe the attitudes of Pasquotank County officials bolster this status? What happens when the folks they are courting discover the rights of the Albemarle Houndsman group and dog hunters negate the rights of property owners?

I won’t belabor a lot of the other issues. Either you value the companionship of our four-legged family members or you don’t. You either have compassion or you don’t.

Susan Haines

Elizabeth City