Protesting sports figures are no longer heroes


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Daily Advance helped me find the topic to write about with their July 21 article on the NFL.

Someone — anyone — please correct me if I am wrong here, but is not the National Anthem a song of patriotism about your country? So why then are these NFL players agenst a rule that shows respect to it? A better question is why are these individuals "protesting" it at all.

I do not buy it for an instant that they are "protesting" about police injustice. If that was so, where are the meetings with mayors of cities where the problems are? In my opinion all these players should be plopped right down in North Korea. Then see how far their "protests" go.

When I was young I looked up to sports stars. Many of them were my heroes but not anymore. To see such blatant disrespect for the wonderfully patriotic National Anthem of this great country just hits me in the gut. Does anyone else feel this way?


Ray Clarke Sr.

Elizabeth City