We need faith in God, truth to counter Trump


Friday, August 10, 2018

During this tumultuous and nerve-wracking era of Trump, what do we need to get through it sanely and humanly?

We need a faith in something or someone stronger than Trump. Perhaps we can call this something or someone “God.” Even Trump isn't stronger than God!

We need a strong, bright, and unconquerable moral conscience to counter the lies, deceit and ego-mania thrown at us by Trump and his administration. We need spiritual endurance and courage to withstand the demonic forces emanating from the White House every moment of every day.

We need to rededicate ourselves to the truth to save us from the many forms of the lie that characterize the Trump era. It's the truth, not the lie, that frees us from the despotism of Trump and his fake ideology. 

Jerry Gill