Nothing progressive about denying God's creation


Bobby Cohoon

Sunday, August 12, 2018

I have been reading exchanges concerning Pride Fest and the LGBTQ+ (I’m not exactly sure about the “Q” and am totally clueless about the “+”) — many of which are on the online version of your newspaper. As I read, I noticed the word “progressive” coming up and yet, this movement is anything but a progression; it is a regression to an ancient time. Embracing the Epicureanism of the Enlightenment, LGBTQ+ supporters have deemed the creator God to be some far-off deity that does not interact with his creation. So, his truths do not matter and whatever truth they decide to follow is their truth.

And while they do not follow the one true and living God, though many make that claim, they have followed an ancient god: Aphrodite — the god of sexual love. (Her son, Eros, had affairs with both men and women. Ares and Hades were the only gods who did not have affairs with men.)

It is also a return to the ancient religion of Gnosticism, which stated that the flesh was evil but what was inside — the spirit/soul/psyche — was good. So, while we may see a man on the outside, the woman — the one he wants us to pretend he is — on the inside is good and that’s what counts. This type of dualism presents a tension that we are to live with: see one thing yet pretend it is another, all the while forgetting what the one true God created and called good.

We’ve all heard the saying, “When the gods are angry.” Yet, it seems in the quest to progress, angering the one true, living creator, God, is something with which many have no problem.

Bobby Cohoon

Poplar Branch

Editor’s note: According to a number of sources, the “Q” in LGTBTQ refers to someone who considers themselves either “queer” or “questioning” and the “+” refers to all other genders not included in LGBTQ.