NC must do more for jobless adults without kids


Robert D. Green

Friday, August 17, 2018

Back in January, our son lost his job in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In late March, he was forced to move home to live with us, his parents, In Pasquotank County.

Near the end of July, he exhausted his unemployment compensation from Pennsylvania. After that, he called the social services office to file for possible cash assistance, food stamps and Medicaid. He was told that North Carolina does not offer cash assistance to adults with no minor children in the household.

I worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry in employment security and workforce development for 37 years. When I started, in 1973, I worked in the re-employment part of a welfare-to-work program called the Work Incentive program, or WIN. Although this program was for persons receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Pennsylvania also offered “general assistance” to singles and children without minor children.

My question to the powers that be in North Carolina is, if you do not provide financial assistance to those with no other income and who do not have children, how do you expect them to live? Maybe this is one of the reasons that we have so many homeless people in this area, and the subsequent crime rate.

Since January, my son has applied for several hundred jobs, with only a few interviews and no job yet. I have had to take over some of his expenses like car payments, car insurance, and cellphone service.

With no cash income, how can a person be expected to get to job interviews and to work? How can they eat, have a roof over their head, and clothing to wear to work? 

Robert D. Green

Elizabeth City