Columnist wrong: GOP backs Constitution as written


Friday, August 24, 2018

The recent guest columnist’s opinion piece, “Republicans for end of democracy,” belongs on a website like the “Daily Beast” that he uses as a source. This liberal demagoguery is almost laughable except some people might actually believe the content. Republicans believe and support the U.S. Constitution as written, which also includes a free press and even fake news.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is an excellent example of a person who believes in textualism and originalism of the U.S. Constitution. He believes that our elected representatives should make the laws and not be made from the bench like the liberal activist judges do.

Why didn’t this newspaper identify Colbert I. King as a Washington Post columnist where he serves on the editorial board? Some may remember his appointment by Jimmy Carter to be U.S. executive director of the World Bank. This egregious column is a perfect example of a liberal elite that has lived most of its life in Washington, D.C. People outside the beltway will decide our next elections, not the Washington Post. 

George Hague

Elizabeth City