Trump just like Jehu, God's 'stone cold' hitman


Calvin Lacy

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Back during the 2016 presidential campaign I wrote that Donald Trump was like Jehu of the Old Testament, the man sent by God to execute Jezebel. I likened Hillary Clinton to Jezebel and wrote that Trump would politically destroy her, I likened Trump to the modern-day version of one of God's most notorious hitmen, stone cold Jehu whom God sent to execute Jezebel for leading Israel into idolatry and various other egregious sins.

I expected a lot of flack for my endeavors for that particular letter for saying God sent Trump to save America, but nobody noticed when Maxine Waters said she was sent by God to stop Donald Trump? Go figure.

One recent letter to the editor stated that God wouldn't send someone like Donald Trump to save America because he brags about the way he treats women. That’s a misunderstanding of how God works.

Who would think that God would send someone to assassinate king Ahab's widow and family but he did. And God knew that Jehu was the man best qualified for the job. A good place to start is 2nd Kings 9, where the prophet Elisha sent someone to anoint Jehu as the next king of Israel — spell out what his mission was and then flee for his life. And why was the messenger urged to run for his life? Because Jehu was a cold-blooded, natural-born killer and nobody to fool with, that's why.

Jehu's primary mission was to execute Jezebel and her entire family, including innocents, freeborns, slaves and anyone found at her place. Jehu rolled in there and demanded Jezebel to be thrown down to him. After she was, her body was smashed to a pulp on the pavement and then stomped by horses. Jehu and his party then went into the palace, sat down at the table and ate Jezebel's lunch! Is that cold or what?

By and by it dawned on Jehu that Jezebel, as a king’s daughter, should be buried. When the burial detail came back so quickly, however, Jehu inquired as to what happened. Members of the detail replied that dogs had eaten all of Jezebel except for her skull, feet and the palms of her hands.

Trouble with Jehu was mission creep and overkill, which God did not approve of. By the time the killings were over two kings, thousands of Baal worshipers, and just about anyone unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time got whacked.

Anyways, Please read and research and enjoy the lesson.

Calvin Lacy