Witherspoon Library and its staff help EC shine


Monday, August 27, 2018

One of the little-mentioned gems which help make Elizabeth City a great place to call home is our local library.

The W.C. Witherspoon Memorial Library moved to its current location on Colonial Avenue in 2007. It is a handsome building, clean, well-organized and welcoming. In addition to loaning books and DVDs, and having the ability to order books from other libraries, this facility provides computers, classes, and community meeting rooms. No doubt the library offers other services that are helpful to many area residents.

However, the one thing that really makes our library shine is the wonderful staff. Friendly, interested, dedicated and knowledgeable, these women and men are a true pleasure to visit. They make every trip to our library an enjoyable experience, and deserve a sincere “thank-you” for their professional, caring attitude.

When we count our Elizabeth City blessings, the library should be on our list. 

Judy & Bill Hiemer

Elizabeth City