Thanks for quick posting of superintendent buyout


Jane Elfring

Saturday, September 1, 2018

At a time when reporters are vilified, and newspapers and mainstream media accused of distributing “fake news,” I witnessed something truly amazing here recently. Last week, The Daily Advance posted the story about the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools contract buyout on social media. Immediately, there was a storm of conversation, comments and sharing.

Even though people in the area tell me that they don’t take the paper — saying it like it’s a badge of honor — and disparage the paper as “The Daily Disappointment,” they relied on the paper to research and report this story.

The article was very well researched. It wasn’t posted until late in the evening and didn’t appear in the following day’s paper because of deadlines; it takes time to contact sources and confirm information.

When I wrote for The Daily Advance 40 years ago, a story like this would have simply been held until the next day. Social media, however, allows the paper the opportunity to publish it online immediately and later in print.

Well done, Daily Advance. 

Jane Elfring

Elizabeth City