McCain funeral not the place to criticize Trump


Paul Miller

Thursday, September 6, 2018

John McCain was a Navy captain, war hero, U.S. senator and more, but he definitely was not a conservative Republican. Senator McCain was in all respects a liberal conservative or RINO, a Republican in name only.

President Donald Trump is more conservative than McCain was. The left’s love for McCain was based solely on his hatred of Trump, as they surely didn’t love him when he ran for president against Barack Obama in 2008. McCain took a brutal beating from the left during that campaign.

As we watched McCain’s funeral this past week, it received close to the same coverage as President John Kennedy’s funeral back in 1963. McCain had a very high opinion of himself — as all politicians do — and he spent his entire political career claiming to be something he definitely was not: a conservative. McCain was a hawk and felt the U.S. should democratize the world, by force if necessary.

McCain didn’t want Trump at his funeral, which is understandable. The hatred between these two men was undeniable. The McCain family also did not invite Sarah Palin, his running mate in 2008. Reports say this probably came from McCain’s wife, Cindy. This was a real snub but Palin took the high road and wished the McCains well. She refused to comment to the media regarding the snub out of respect for the McCain family.

McCain was sorry he picked Palin and wishes he would have picked independent Joe Lieberman as his running mate. What did Palin ever do to the McCain family? Unfortunately for McCain and the 2008 campaign, Palin was the one drawing the crowds. McCain was known in Arizona as a nasty politician and when it came to winning the end justified the means. He sure didn’t run a nasty campaign against Obama in 2008. Remember the old saying, “nice guys finish last”? And so he did.

At the funeral, both Obama, George Bush and Meghan McCain were unable to put politics aside and just eulogize McCain in a manner befitting an American hero; they had to make it political and pounce on Trump, McCain more directly than Obama or Bush.

Come on Meghan, was your father’s funeral the place to take on Trump? What a no-class act. She’s so perfect for “The View.” 

Paul Miller

Elizabeth City