McCain died a traitor to his party and country


Calvin Lacy

Saturday, September 8, 2018

They say you can tell a lot about people by their friends and The Daily Advance proved it with disingenuous Eugene Robinson's “spine” column last Friday. Robinson knows very well that John McCain, the late senator, was a fifth columnist operating inside the Republican Party, posing as someone holding to Republican ideals while selling out those who sent him to the Senate. McCain betrayed his constituency and the Republican Party every day of his congressional career.

They called him the “little maverick,” which stood for something else entirely different. But he had other more nefarious sobriquets as well, such as the Hanoi Hilton song bird. Democrats wouldn't gush over Republican-in-name-only McCain except they had cause to praise him. His closest friends were Democrats and he voted Democrats’ way.

How do we know if U.S. military operations that might have concluded the Vietnam War in our favor were not compromised by threats to McCain's life while in prison? After all, he was the son and grandson of two famous admirals. It was military bungling at its best to let him fly those ground-attack missions.

McCain will be showered with praise and glorious accolades after his passing but the record speaks for itself: He's nothing short of a traitor to his country and he died with hatred in his heart. He stood squarely against Republican values and did his level best to destroy the president and all he's done. He defended another country's borders with his life but wouldn't lift a finger to secure his own state from the Latino invasion. He famously left his hospital bed to cast the one vote that destroyed all hope of ridding America of Obamacare. That and many more such betrayals of his party's values are why the Democrats love John McCain so much.

For a detailed description of how God deals with traitors go to: 2nd Kings 11 and see what happened to Athaliah. Not a pretty picture. 

Calvin Lacy