Left, media suffer from GOP Derangement Syndrome


Mark Goddard

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

As is always the case with our corrupt media, the hypocrisy is audacious and they continue to hold in contempt the intelligence of people who read their liberal biased drivel.

The same thing applies to the weekly liberal letter writers to The Daily Advance, who only write unsubstantiated nonsense devoid of facts, reason and common sense.

Notice the over-the-top fawning by the media over the deceased John McCain? How soon they forget that these same ideological zealots once called McCain a “fake war hero,” “war monger,” “adulterer” and many other despicable names. The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan said McCain has been a “loathsome human being for most of his eight decades on this planet.”

Personally, I didn’t have much use for McCain as a Republican, but I respected the man more than any politician alive for his service and sacrifice to this country.

You see, the left doesn’t suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, they merely suffer from Republican Derangement Syndrome. How else can you explain their utter unwillingness to report on anything remotely resembling positive news for Trump?

Remember when the nicest and classiest man on the planet, Mitt Romney, ran for president? The left painted him as a racist, sexist, bigot homophobe. Joe Biden even stated that Romney wanted to put black people back in chains. Did the media castigate crazy Uncle Joe? Of course not, he’s one of them.

Republican Derangement Syndrome is also why large portions of Trump’s base will never abandon him. Most Republicans rightly believe that criticism of Trump isn’t good-faith shock at his aberrant behavior, but the latest convenient excuse for ripping on a powerful Republican.

So, if the left truly wants Republicans to “come around to reason,” it had better first name a few Republicans it thinks are reasonable. Truth is, to Democrats and the media, there is no such thing. Good thing George W Bush, McCain, Romney and Trump didn’t sit in a racist, America-hating church for 20 years, or start their political careers in the home of a domestic terrorist like Barack Obama did.

Tell me again Democrats, what has Donald Trump done to negatively impact your life? Absolutely nothing! 

Mark Goddard