Sling mud at Trump and only you get dirty


Ray Clarke Sr.

Friday, September 21, 2018

There are many letters that show up in The Daily Advance that make me roll my eyes. Then there are the letters that send me rolling on the floor with laughter. Such was a recent letter that claimed supporters of President Trump regard his statements as "Biblical truth." The letter also falsely claims that Trump’s "base" holds him to be "our God."

Pleeeease! I openly challenge anyone to provide one such individual who holds such views.

I find it amazing that so many are blinded by such hate. Each and every day we are flooded by raging river of vitriol from the media and others aimed at this president, while they largely ignore the good that has been accomplished. The economy is booming, unemployment is way low (especially among African Americans), and the stock market is setting new heights in its history.

Now I do believe these accomplishments also benefit the Democrats — but where are they? Why don't we hear prominent Democrats giving Trump credit for good decisions? To be fair, there are plenty of Republicans who are guilty of mud-slinging. However, I haven't found one who is advocating the junk that Democratic House member Maxine Waters of California is calling for.

Here in America we are free to disagree with people, especially politicians. So go ahead knock yourself out. But when blatantly false, degrading and hateful rhetoric is spewed, all you are doing by throwing that mud is losing your ground ... very fast. And that is truly "pathetic, sickening and sad." 

Ray Clarke Sr.

Elizabeth City