Op-ed in NYT gives hope democracy will survive Trump


Beverly Mitchell

Friday, September 21, 2018

Citizens of the world besides those in America were stunned to hear about the “op-ed” sent to and published anonymously by The New York Times. After reading it in its entirety, I don’t think anyone could honestly say it was “news.” It all had been said previously in bits and pieces, so many times.

President Trump’s backers were hurt and astonished that someone would not only send this op-ed to the Times, but that the newspaper would print it without naming the writer. They are now calling the writer a coward and are demanding to know the person’s name. Trump wants the writer named and turned in to him and the government for trial on “treason” charges.

The op-ed’s statements were not treasonous. No threats to the country or to the president were made. Trump wants the writer’s identity known, really, so that he can personally dehumanize the writer, as he does all citizens who do not agree with him. He also hopes by some miracle to prove that treason was indeed committed.

But in America we are ruled by the Constitution, which Trump took an oath to preserve and protect. In our Constitution are amendments written by the founding fathers to ensure Americans of their basic rights. The First Amendment was so important to the founders that it was the first one adopted. It wasn’t the second, third, or last. And it’s the First Amendment that protects the op-ed writer.

What the op-ed proves is that there is a Republican in the White House who is watching the president daily and criticizing his behavior as irrational, dysfunctional, chaotic, treacherous, and downright dangerous. Of course that angers and frightens Trump, as it would anyone who possesses his ego.

But I believe the writing of this op-ed wouldn’t have been necessary if, long ago, the Congress had used the 25th Amendment. Members of Congress saw these same traits that signaled America’s future is in dire trouble. They saw it all, but chose instead to relish the power their party now has. They control the House, Senate and the presidency, so why give that up?

To me, the writing of the op-ed, and The New York Times’ showing backbone in printing it, indicate there is still hope that democracy in America will survive.

Beverly Mitchell