TV ad's accusations against Phelps misleading


Phil Kratzer

Friday, September 28, 2018

Election season is upon us. We’re seeing plenty of campaign mailers and now a first-ever to my knowledge TV ad for our state Senate seat. Where does state Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, get the money? Maybe in part from that shady, no-bid, no-tell contract from Currituck County. The county has since changed that policy.

We are not shocked when, unfortunately, a politician, misleads, takes out of context, or omits important facts. But total untruths are easily disproved, is a new low and the sign of a dishonest, desperate loser. 

The claims of Cole Phelps raising property taxes is misleading. The Washington County Board of Commissioners had to cover a pension fund for hospital retirees. It was running out of money. Previous boards had kicked the can down the road. Fulfilling your obligations is called integrity, something Mr. Steinburg could use. Currituck County had to raise the property tax rate a few years ago to cover basic services.

Mr. Steinburg and the Republican tyrants in Raleigh cut the income tax rate that gives substantial returns to the wealthy but only crumbs to middle- and working-class people, who could use the rewards from the tax cut the most. Then to cover the tax losses, Republicans expanded the sales tax to include labor costs on many services like auto repair. That’s a 6.75-percent tax increase compared to your 1-percent income tax reduction. This sales tax on labor costs in North Carolina is a first to my knowledge.

The truth about Phelps’ commitment to education is many fold. He convinced the Washington board to give a first-ever county teacher pay supplement. Until this was done his county was one of only counties in the state that didn’t offer one. He would like to raise the pay of all school employees.

Phelps also helped to give Chrome books to all students. When they realized they needed expanded internet, the board put “hot spots” on all school buses that are driven home every night by the bus drivers. That’s how they expanded the internet. 

On the personal level, Phelps funded a college scholarship through his business. No wonder he is supported by the North Carolina Association of Educators. How does Mr. Steinburg note with teachers? 

Phil Kratzer

Poplar Branch

Editor’s note: The ad the reader is referring to in the District 1 state Senate race was paid for by the Carolina Partnership for Reform, a Raleigh-based conservative advocacy group unconnected to state Rep. Bob Steinburg’s campaign for Senate.