Dems, media only assassinate Republicans' character


Mark Goddard

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The one topic I consistently get wrong is the depths to which the Democratic Party and its allies in the media will stoop in destroying a Republican or conservative. The Brett Kavanaugh fiasco is, without question, one of the most despicable examples of the Democrats’ and the media’s libelous character assassination attempts.

Where were these same political hacks when two of the most respected and beloved Democrats ever, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, were running roughshod over countless women? Kennedy left a woman to die at the bottom of a pond on Chappaquiddick Island. He later became “lionized” in the Democratic Party.

Clinton’s sexual deviancy is well-documented. Where were all these same celebrities, Democrats and media then? U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey got a pass from the media on his past. Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota now has two accusers claiming he assaulted and abused them. But again, you don’t hear a peep from liberals.

Too bad Judge Kavanaugh isn’t friends with Clinton’s pal James Carville. Carville could tell the media, “If you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.” Think the media would laugh that off like they did with Paula Jones?

Never mind the fact that Kavanaugh’s accuser admitted to being drunk at the time of the alleged incident, allegedly told her best friend she was ashamed at the number of “partners” she had, has scrubbed all of her social media pages, has been joined at the hip with her radical leftist attorney at anti-Trump protests. As a college professor, her student reviews have called her “crazy, vindictive, ill-informed and hostile to a contrary opinion.” The fact that Judge Kavanaugh’s mother was the judge involved in foreclosing on her parents’ home means absolutely nothing, right?

It’s all just another despicable and pathetic attempt to defeat President Trump or anything associated with Trump. Face it Democrats, the only thing Trump’s done to you is increase your 401(k), lower your taxes and hurt your feelings. Knock it off. You just look stupid. 

Mark Goddard


Editor’s note: The allegation that Christine Blasey Ford, now a college professor, received negative reviews from her students is false. The claim, which first surfaced on a right-wing website, is based on a case of mistaken identity: Christine A. Ford, the professor who received the reviews, works at California State University Fullerton; Christine Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, teaches at Palo Alto University. Also, while it’s true Kavanaugh’s mother, Judge Martha Kavanaugh, was involved in Ford’s parents’ foreclosure case filed in 1996, she granted the bank’s motion to dismiss the case after the Blaseys refinanced their house. The Blaseys still own the home.