Steinburg ducked EC forum, leaving questions unanswered


Richard Good

Saturday, October 27, 2018

I attended the meet-and-greet event put on by the League of Women Voters of Northeastern North Carolina at the Pasquotank Library and also the candidates forum at the Pasquotank County Courthouse. I was surprised to see that Bob Steinburg, the Republican candidate for state Senate in District 1, skipped out and did not attend the candidates forum. The excuse he gave was that it was too far for him to drive home at 9 p.m. He lives in Edenton, a 40-minute drive at best. If he is so incapacitated he cannot drive this distance, I would seriously question his fitness for office.

I was hoping to ask Mr. Steinburg about the $50,000 his company was given by Currituck County to advertise a basketball tournament in Asheville, a city of about 90,000 almost 400 miles from here. There was no vote or discussion in Currituck County, just a nice big check. I wonder if he had lost the Republican primary would they have been so generous? 

Currituck County is so strapped for money it cannot afford to hire a new airport manager. Some of the navigational aids at the airport are out of commission and the airport employees aren’t allowed to spend anything over $100 without approval. 

You might ask what Currituck County airport has to do with us here in Elizabeth City. Well, the College of The Albemarle Regional Aviation and Technical Training Center is at the Currituck County airport, and Elizabeth City State University’s aviation science program also uses the airport. Nightingale flights are routinely made from Currituck County airport and the loss of some of the navigational aids is critical to flight safety.

In the meantime, Bob Steinburg has $50,000 of Currituck County residents’ money to spend on advertising in Asheville, but can’t even bother to show up to answer questions here in Elizabeth City about why he is taking money better spent maintaining critical local infrastructure. 

Richard Good

Elizabeth City