Media distorting tax cut's benefit for most workers


Carol Terryberry

Sunday, October 28, 2018

A recent Fox News poll suggests that more Americans favor Obamacare over tax cuts. So a law that reduced options, lowered quality, and more than doubled premiums is preferred over one that lets people keep more of their own paychecks.

Why? The answer has to be because of the media narrative. The mainstream media want us to believe that tax cuts only help big corporations and the rich. However, according to Heritage.org, the average family here in Pasquotank County will save $834 in 2018, and $14,221 over the next 10 years, because of the tax cuts.

More than 90 percent of workers have higher take-home pay because of the tax cuts. Hundreds of companies are giving bonuses and pay raises because of the lower corporate tax rate. No one has been left behind. The poor benefit from the 7.1 million available jobs created by the tax cuts, higher wages, and larger deductions and child tax credits. Retirees pay lower tax rates on their pensions. A majority of Americans in every single congressional district got a tax cut.

With all these good things happening you would think there would be resounding support for the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which Democrats are promising to repeal if given a majority. It does not “cost” the government anything to let Americans keep more of their own money, whereas “free” government health care would cost $32 trillion over its first 10 years, according to the left-leaning Urban Institute.

Don’t be duped by the politics of envy and the false promises of liberal politicians that are left unchallenged by the mainstream media. The essence of the American Dream is the freedom to create prosperity from the ground up regardless of your status, not an entitlement to a certain standard of living provided by others.

Carol Terryberry 

Elizabeth City