Harassment, open hostility to Trump backers not civility


Ray Clarke Sr.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

It is rare that I agree with any of today’s political cartoons. However, there are the rare gems that are 100-percent spot on.

Case in point: the cartoons of Hillary Clinton on a broomstick and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren wearing her war bonnet.

What made the Clinton cartoon so striking to me is the incivility she is calling for. It was bad enough that Clinton’s fellow Democrat, U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, called for open hostility toward Trump supporters; now we have probably the highest-ranking Democrat there is saying only when her party is in power can civility return.

Hello! Is this the official position of the Democrats? To call for open hostility, including violence, against people, just because they hold a different political view? We all know what happened to Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the restaurant. The restaurant owner even wanted to harass her family outside!

It is OK to disagree with those who have opposing political views; that is to be expected in a free society. But when you engage in harassment and open hostilities you cross the line. We have plenty to think about with the election just around the corner. That is an understatement but hate and hostility should not be on that list. Remember, remember, we vote in November.

Ray Clarke Sr.

Elizabeth City