Killing a terrorist leader won't make up for war's losses


Calvin Lacy

Monday, November 26, 2018

You see it everywhere you look these days, regardless of whether its newspapers, TV or the internet: Allied forces just killed some big-named Islamic terrorist mastermind, someone we've been after for years.

Whoopee! Look what we've done! We justify the euphoria by saying that he's the one who did such and such many years ago and now we've got him! So the media go on about how this shows these masterminds that we don't forget. Maybe we shouldn't forget, but let me tell what we've already forgotten in this war on terror.

I did the research on the cost of fighting just one single little fracas up in the hills of Afghanistan. The cost in treasure is frightening, so much so that it drove the Russians out and everyone else that's tried to tame the region. That's why it's called the “Graveyard of Empires.” When you factor in the cost of men and material it looks more like a terrorist victory than ours. What kind of victory is it that requires us to send more troops back on stretchers than ever before? So we kill a terrorist honcho. But at what cost?

According to Steve Peck, CEO of U.S. VETS there are nearly 50,000 homeless vets on the streets across America, many with severe health issue and no help forthcoming. Today's vets in various physical conditions number 24 million and the count is rising. There's money in the pipeline but it's difficult to access. Congress won't take the lead so will someone of stature please stand up and take control? Where are the preachers? Why are they silent in this time of great peril? Where are the newspaper editors that should be calling for sanity rather than aligning with certain parties?

If the above isn't enough, there's a well-fed and fit invasion force of mostly young males at the U.S./Mexican border demanding entry to the U.S. You know we'll take them in. Each immigrant will get the money that should go to our veterans. Meanwhile, our vets lie in the streets of America and languish in VA hospitals awaiting medical aid while foreigners suck up the jobs and money that our fighting men should be getting.

When terrorists around the world see the shape we're in with Huns at the gates and our fighting men and women getting short-changed, it's clear to them that they've won this war.

Calvin Lacy