Dems troll letter-writer with use of scripture


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

They say that plagiarism is the highest form of flattery, and if it is then perhaps I should be ecstatic. Maybe it's merely aping. But somehow I don't believe the efforts of some local trolls have reached that level — at least not yet.

Oftentimes I use scripture when making a point, and when I do, two or three diehard Democrats suddenly get religion. Now, almost every submission to the editor is a preachment, though I know they don't really mean it. But at least they're paying attention, which is my goal to begin with, and I suppose that's worth something.

I then employed a method I call “cartoonery buffoonery,” and sure enough the trolls seem to have picked up on that as well. However, they’re not making their point. It's mostly nonsensicle jibberish signifying nothing.

Take the Frank and Ernest thing for instance. Makes absolutely no sense at all. So I ask that if you're going to “copycat” me, then please do it intelligently.

Calvin Lacy