Trump deserves respect, credit for good he's done


Thursday, January 10, 2019

There certainly have been a lot of — let's say interesting — things both written and said about President Trump in the media. Take, for example, an article that appeared in the Sunday Dec 30th edition of The Daily Advance entitled "Military women, vets shift away from Trump."

What made this article so interesting to me is the whole thing was based on only one veteran interview — and the vet was a "hardcore Democrat!" Where are the other veterans?

Also, in practically each and every article in the news media, the approach to Trump is overwhelming negative. It is as if the man hasn't done any good at all.

And it is not just in the news media. Hollywood bashes this president with vitriol I can't repeat here.

Speaking of vitriol, how about the sweet and flowery words spoken by new Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib? Just Google her name and the word "comments" and you will see what I mean. Talk about hate speech — there you goP.

I could laugh at all of this but what is happening is no laughing matter. I believe that everyone deserves respect. Now to be fair Mr. Trump needs to practice a little of this himself. But with that said, to my knowledge he hasn't called anyone the kind of junk being hurled at him on a daily basis.

You can disagree with me if you will but President Trump deserves respect. Both as president and a person. He also deserves credit for the good he has done and the media has a responsibility to report it ... period.

Ray Clarke Sr.

Elizabeth City