With Pelosi, Trump meets his match in political game


Jerry Gill

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The government is open and back to work — at least for three weeks — because the almighty Donald Trump was overpowered by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Trump, for all of his posturing and braggadocio, was beaten by someone stronger than he who had truth on her side.

This must have been humiliating to Trump, although he would certainly deny it. Like Russian President Vladimir Putin, he aspires to absolute power in his tenuous role as president. He who thinks he knows everything about everything confronted someone who knows more about the political game.

But if Trump doesn't get his wall in the next three weeks, he says he'll shut down the government and pompously proclaim a "national emergency." He says he’ll then get his funds for his wall from another agency. But the courts might have something to say about this, if Pelosi and Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer intervene.

Then there's the matter of the Robert Mueller probe, which is getting very close to finishing. This could be another, more serious defeat of Trump's Putin-like power grab.

All of this proves that he or she who aspires to be God ends up becoming a demon.

Jerry Gill