Nothing can make Warren likable enough to be president


Calvin Lacy

Friday, February 1, 2019

A recent letter cited Sen. Elizabeth Warren's “unlikability” factor as an obstacle to her becoming president. At issue is Warren’s temperament and her being too scoldy, shrilly and bossy — things most Americans don't like.

But honestly, how could you abide four years of romping, stomping Warren screeching, screaming and flailing the air once you've had four years of gorgeous Melania Trump? Melania Trump epitomizes the pure essence of grace, beauty, style, culture, brains and civility while Warren does not.

The letter went on to wonder whether, if Warren could be made into an overly flashy and obnoxious con artist, would she be more “likable.” I say no way, because President Trump already has that likability — and he's mega-rich besides. 

The entire Democratic Party, both its men and women, is loony from top to bottom. Bill and Hillary Clinton are making millions from their positions of power and the House of Representatives is screaming impeachment. Joe Biden, Barack Obama and a host of Gorps is about all you have.

It was Obama who, on June 28, 2006, brazenly declared America is no longer just a Christian nation. Many in the evangelical community believe God departed from America when Obama made that assertion. I don't remember anyone calling Obama out on that statement. No one showed concern.

Now that Obama has signaled the end of Christian America, perhaps God has left us to our own devices — similarly to how he did in B.C. 594 when his presence was seen leaving the temple in Jerusalem. He never returned.

Showering God with pithy platitudes from an insincere heart is vanity and will get you nowhere with him. Remember Romans 10:13.

Calvin Lacy