Nation paying higher toll for not funding wall


Ray Clarke Sr.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

I read with great interest the article, "Pelosi wins initial bout of divided government" in the Jan 25th edition of The Daily Advance. The article said that President Trump "capitulated" and surrendered.

Ahhh.. not so fast. President Trump took action because so many were hurting as a result of the shutdown caused by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer. This is a temporary reopening of the government to help those affected and to negotiate so another shutdown can be avoided.

The shutdown was crazy. According to the congressional budget office the economic hit on this nation was $11 billion. That’s not counting the psychological and emotional damage inflicted by the fiasco. And for what?

Trump's estimate for a much-needed border security wall is $5.7 billion. Now, because the Democrats refused to grant him that money, the nation is paying a much higher toll.

Oh and what is that I see? A wall? Around Nancy Pelosi’s mansion? Hmmm. I wonder if any news reporter has asked her why she needs that. I would love to hear her answer.

The wall is a national security issue. There are individuals freely crossing into this country that do not care squat about our laws, let alone about our constitution. Furthermore, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, at least 15 migrants with proven terrorist ties have been apprehended at our southern border. Those ties include Al-shabbab, Hezbollah, and, of course, to the Islamic State.

The Democrats are deluding themselves when they ignore this. I say when you stick your head in the sand like the ostrich, you reveal a very open target.

Ray Clarke Sr.

Elizabeth City

Editor’s note: A number of fact-checking news sources, including Politifact and FactCheck.org, have debunked the false claim, first made in February 2018, that a wall surrounds House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Francisco. There is no wall around Pelosi’s house.