Camden senior center, director provide invaluable service


Geneva Hines

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thank you for your recent article about the meeting of the Camden Board of Commissioners on Monday, Feb. 4.  I was very encouraged to see the large number of citizens who attended. Many of us were there to show support for the programs of the Camden County Senior Center and the work of the center’s director, Jasmine Wilson. I hope the commissioners realized this.

As seniors, our needs and expectations for the center vary greatly. Some use the exercise equipment offered at the center; others who may be shut-in rely on the Meals on Wheels program. Many of us enjoy travel for local events as well as out-of-town trips. There’s advice and assistance at tax time, lunches, arts and crafts, and speakers who offer advice on healthy cooking, avoiding falls, etc. to mention just two recent presentations.

Mrs. Wilson is trained in the Seniors Health Insurance Information Program and works with anyone who may need help in dealing with SHIIP. She frequently asks for our ideas and input when considering activities for the center. We have a monthly time allotted for discussion/ideas/complaints/etc. and she is always available for individual needs and advice. I feel Mrs. Wilson is very receptive to what we say and tries to do all she can to present a program that meets our needs. And, I might add, she does all this with much caring and compassion.

I believe the Camden County Senior Center is a valuable asset to the citizens of Camden County; we are fortunate to have the talent, training, and dedication Mrs. Wilson demonstrates every day.

There are many rumors about what has happened and is happening at the center. We are confused and anxious about what the future may hold. Will a new director be appointed? When will the position of assistant director be filled? It has been vacant for several months but has not been advertised as a vacancy. Is all travel forbidden or only overseas travel? Will there be a mileage limitation for travel? Are, for example, commissioners suggesting we can attend a presentation in Hertford but not Raleigh? How are seniors in other area counties able to travel to destinations they wish to visit? For example, I believe Pasquotank seniors have a trip to Ireland planned for later this year.

I realize that personnel matters are confidential and cannot be discussed publicly. I also realize that there may be budget constraints. Perhaps your reporter can uncover additional information that will answer our questions. I hope that these matters can be resolved and that the services offered by the center will not be diminished in any way. 

Geneva Hines