Dems clap for themselves but not for America


Mark Goddard

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Another State of the Union address by President Trump is over, and just like last year, the Democrats were exposed for who they truly are. When their fearless leader, Nancy Pelosi, wasn’t reading off a dinner menu or wine list — I’m not sure which — she was busy chewing throughout Trump’s address.

The lowlight of the night was seeing the constant reactions from those miserable and angry Democrats dressed in white. Wasn’t that adorable? Democrats are so funny when they try to act cute.

For those that missed it, here is just a small sample of what these wonderful and patriotic Dems didn’t stand up and support: America, freedom, free enterprise, capitalism, law enforcement heroes, our military, ending sex trafficking, record low unemployment for minorities, and of course, stopping infanticide.

What did they stand and clap for? Themselves. Gentlemen, can any of you imagine being married to any of these women? Even most liberal men would say “No thanks.” So, to sum up today’s Democratic Party, standing and clapping for the previously mentioned items are bad, standing for yourself is good.

Some of their favorite slogans are “Save the Whales,” “Save the Sea Turtles,” ”Meat is Murder,” “Hunting is Cruel,” “ICE agents are Nazis,” “Cops are Racist,” “Sanctuary Cities are Great,” and “Climate Change Will be the End of the World in 12 Years.”

Liberals belong in straightjackets, they’re insane. Remember folks, these are the same people that think Donald Trump is a racist and Bruce Jenner is a woman. Ever wonder why there are no Democrats on Mount Rushmore? Yea, me neither.

Mark Goddard