Virginia leaders prove they can't be trusted, should resign


Carl Pickell

Friday, March 8, 2019

Breaking news: A photograph has emerged of what appears to be Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam in black face. He says it’s not him, but then admits he once did wear black face for a dance contest. Everyone except God is calling for him to resign. Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax and Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring have joined in the calls for Northam’s resignation.

Breaking news again: While Fairfax is packing his bags to depart for Richmond to be sworn in as governor, a woman has come forward, accusing him of sexually assaulting her. The next day, another woman makes a similar claim against Fairfax. Now, everyone except God is calling for Fairfax to resign.

Breaking news again: Herring, the first to call for Northam to resign, is now saying he once wore black face himself. Wait a minute, this is really getting strange. 

Does this take nerve, or has Herring lost his mind? How can you ask anyone to step down from anything, when you have done the same thing? Herring showed his true character, and what a true two-face he is. According to my source, Herring is disliked much more than Northam or Fairfax.

It’s a real circus in Virginia, and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to come out. Fairfax is accused of committing a crime, twice. All Northam and Herring have done, except getting caught, is try to out-lie the other.

Not one of the three officeholders deserves to stay in office. All three were elected by the people of Virginia. But all three have proven they can’t be trusted. Two complained that what happened wasn’t all true. But I’ve never seen a half-truth, or a half-lie.

All three have lost the people’s trust. What we have in Virginia are three stooges acting like officeholders. The difference being, the real Three Stooges got paid to act dumb. Think about it.

Carl Pickell

Elizabeth City