Cause of Civil War not settled


Leon Reed Adams

Thursday, March 21, 2019

I commend a recent letter for its review of our critical issue of race, group allegiance, and awareness of the effects of time surrounding the Civil War.

Yet, I must object to the letter’s failure to include other aspects of those socio-cultural conditions.

Specifically, it should be emphasized that the concept of rebellion by the states was seen at the time from a perspective close to our rebellion from England.

Also, the cause of the Civil War has not been settled by scholars, who offer multiple explanations for it, one of which is slavery, even as there are other legitimate possibilities.

I would argue that the creation of groups with different degrees of “worth” is the critical factor influencing our world today, and I commend and appreciate the letter for calling it to our attention. Indeed, the letter identifies well the logical and ethical responsibilities of the current Christian churches. Well done. 

Leon Reed Adams

Elizabeth City