White supremacy has long history in America


Jerry Gill

Saturday, March 23, 2019

How sad and tragic that dozens of Muslim worshippers were killed or wounded in a Mosque in New Zealand by a self-styled white supremacist. May all the compassion I can muster embrace the killed and soothe the wounded and all the people of New Zealand. Blessings on them all!

We have to realize that white supremacy has existed for many centuries. Christopher Columbus was a white supremacist. Look at how he treated the native peoples he encountered.

The Conquistadores were white supremacists. Most of them were merciless toward the Mexicans and the natives they encountered in Central and South America. President Andrew Jackson was a white supremacist. Thousands of Native Americans died along his diabolical “Trail of Tears.”

The slave owners of the American South were obviously white supremacists. Most of them were "Christians" who had the power of life and death over their slaves.

White supremacy is, thus, part of the very DNA of America. America is replete with white supremacy groups of all kinds who hate all non-whites and want to see them eradicated one way or another.

Is our current president and his followers who denigrate Muslims and all non-white immigrants a white supremacist? I don't doubt it in the least!

Jerry Gill