Christians follow corrupt leaders for a purpose


Calvin Lacy

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

There are those who incessantly troll this column believing that a true Christian nation wouldn't follow un-Christian leadership.

The Bible clearly shows that thinking to be in total error. People absolutely do follow corrupt leaders such as FDR who passionately despised the Jews but yet God used him to destroy Hitler who was the greater evil. FDR was the only world leader who recognized the German menace for what it was.

Throughout history God has appointed people of dubious character to do his will. Back in 536 BC, the prophet Ezra reported that God 'stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia' just in time to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem so the Jewish captives could be released at the conclusion of their 70 years of captivity. Marduk worshiping Cyrus was no Christian but history shows him to be magnanimous in nature. And guess what: An entire nation (the Jewish captives) followed the Cyrus decree.

Then there was wild man Jehu whom I've liken unto Donald Trump. God sent him to whack Jezebel and was rewarded by being anointed king of Israel. More recently Donald Trump has been 'stirred up in his spirit' as was Cyrus. Again, like FDR, Trump clearly saw the dangers confronting America. Of all the candidates he was the only one with a comprehensive plan to get America rolling again.

For all of you Rinocrats and Socialcrats — does the president view himself as a modern-day Cyrus? I think he does and I think he is. I believe he thinks it's his God-given duty to restore America and I believe it too.

Calvin Lacy