What are we willing to give up to keep Trump happy?


Jerry Gill

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Unfortunately, our Supreme Leader, President Donald Trump, has brainwashed a lot of people into believing every lie, denial and exaggeration he tells every hour of every day.

"America the Beautiful" is much more than "jobs," "lower unemployment," and tax breaks for the rich. By the way, have your taxes gone down since Trump gave us the "greatest tax break in the history of America?"

America is also about morality, decency, inclusiveness, selfless service, honesty, love and compassion, and truth. Does the Supreme Leader exemplify any of these priceless human traits?

Here's one example.

All of us, along with all the world's scientists, know that the earth is drastically warming. But the Leader has convinced many that these scientific facts are bogus so that he can bring back coal and thus produce more manufacturing and jobs, and also, incidentally, more greenhouse gasses to heat up the earth even more.

Do we care more about our Supreme Leader's lies and ignorance than we do about our grandchildren and great-grandchildren living long, healthy, and happy lives?

Does Trump mean more to us than the future health and happiness of America and planet Earth?

Are we so enamored of an illusory fabrication named Donald Trump that we willingly trade morality, decency, physical and mental health, love, and truth for him?

Jerry Gill