Trump's influence mirrors Big Brother's in '1984'


Jerry Gill

Sunday, May 26, 2019

President Donald Trump's perpetual lying, insults, braggadocio and exaggerations are simply expressions of his character. He can't help saying what he says or tweeting what he tweets. It's his very nature. 

But what about those he considers his "base?"

Trump is a master at brainwashing. His supporters absorb whatever he says or tweets. They can't help being exactly like their master. When the same stupid, vile stuff is thrown at them over and over, they willy-nilly absorb it. Trump's supporters are 30 million or so copies of their leader. That is how George Orwell's "1984" ends, by the way.

The main character in that novel, Huston Smith, tries and tries to defeat Big Brother's inescapable psychological influence over him. But Big Brother and his people are too nefariously powerful. Smith is finally caught and overpowered.

The final four words of the novel could be written of any one of the millions of Trump's minions: "He loved Big Brother."

Jerry Gill