Memorial Day is not for sale


Daniel Serik

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Memorial Day, in my opinion, is the most significant day of all.

It’s a day of honor and remembrance for those who have made the supreme sacrifice. These warriors did not get the opportunity to share in the liberties that we enjoy; they gave their lives so that we can. Furthermore, their families will carry a lifetime of grief and emptiness in their hearts.

Certainly, to present them with an hour of honor is not asking very much. Unfortunately, many of us will choose to do otherwise. We’ll  go shopping, visit flea markets, etc.

Memorial Day is not for sale! Yes, have a good time this day, but as freedom-loving people we must offer our respect. If we don’t, who are we?

Search your soul, attend a ceremony and teach your children well.

Daniel Serik

Elizabeth City