GOP really the big-tent party


George Hague

Friday, May 31, 2019

Why didn’t The Daily Advance identify Wayne Goodwin of Raleigh as the chairman of the N.C. Democratic Party in his letter to the editor published in the May 24 issue? Goodwin made many promises in his statements that Republicans are already delivering on thanks to our lower taxes and better business environment. 

Unemployment for minorities is at historic lows and wages are increasing due to competition in employment. Funding for our schools has increased year after year under a Republican General Assembly since the budget cuts from the previous assembly controlled by Democrats.

Republicans also believe in a private system as the best way to deliver health care at the lowest cost, not one that is controlled by government.

What does Mr. Goodwin mean by “a fairer economy?” Is this socialist speak for “share poverty by all” as we see under a socialist government such as that in Venezuela? 

Mr. Goodwin speaks of “access to the ballot box.” Is this Democratic speak for granting felons and illegal immigrants voting rights? The Democrats will give away our sovereignty in exchange for votes, hence they will not help secure our borders.

I encourage every reader to compare the Republican and Democratic platforms to see who has the “big tent.” The radical left would let babies die on the table without medical care under what the letter-witter calls “reproductive rights.” The Republicans promote life not death.

Who is really the big tent party? God have mercy on us all.

George Hague

Elizabeth City