Voters need to do own homework on candidates


Tommy Wilkins

Sunday, June 23, 2019

I am a registered voter who is not dedicated to any political party.

Anyone elected to represent the people who put them in office should expect support. However, once in office there is often a change in who they represent.

Some, but not all, decide to take care of their own selfish desires and forget who put them in office. The term “flip-flop” is often used to describe this situation.

Due to the division in our government we may see many hard times, prior to and after the next election.

Who can we trust to do the work they promised to do? All parties share some of the same problems, so this can be a big problem. I want a government to do the right thing for the people. I don’t want a government that wants to control the people. I don’t want my freedom taken away just because the government thinks it has a better idea.

Before you vote, think for yourself, examine the one seeking a government position, then hold them accountable for their decisions and hope for the best.

Tommy Wilkins

Pasquotank County