Biden flip shows Dems' radical wing in control


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A good friend asked me who I thought would eventually be the Democratic presidential nominee from the pack of 20-some running. That’s easy, I answered. Whichever one promises the most free stuff. That’s the Democratic Party of 2019.

The radical, fanatical wing of the Democratic Party is now taking over and in full control. How else do you explain former Vice President Joe Biden instantly flipping on his support for the Hyde Amendment once the liberals in his party criticized him? At the recent Democratic convention in California, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper was booed by the Democrats in the crowd for denouncing socialism. Democratic House members Jerry Nadler and Steve Cohen have now removed the phrase “So help Me, God” during the swearing-in of witnesses before congressional hearings.

This all comes after the 2012 Democratic convention in Charlotte, when Democrats exploded in anger when they voted to include the word “God” in their party platform. What is it about religion, the word “God,” children praying in school, and protecting innocent new born babies that angers Democrats so much?

It is truly a sad day when thanks to Democrats, it is easier to abort an American child than it is to deport an illegal immigrant. Supporters of President Donald Trump are getting sick and tired of Democrats and the media comparing our ancestors to the migrants of today. Settling in an undeveloped land and building a civilization is not comparable to illegally invading a post-industrial nation and signing up for free stuff.

We now have an American president having to fight an American political party to protect American citizens. Let that sink in. We are fighting evil.

Mark Goddard