City resident claims water cloudy, sulfur-smelling


Kelsey Fulgham

Saturday, July 20, 2019

I am a resident of Oxford Heights. Today I made my fifth call to the city, as my water is cloudy and has a smell of swamp water or rotten eggs/sulfur. This has been going on since June 2019.

I have been purchasing bottled water for drinking purposes; to make ice, to make iced tea, to make coffee, etc. In addition to the inconvenience this causes, I still have to bathe and wash my laundry in this water.

I have dry and itchy skin and have been seen by multiple doctors. The multiple bloodwork I have endured is pointing to a bacterial infection.

My recycling bin is filled with plastic water bottles.

This is simply unacceptable.

I am paying the same monetary amount per gallon for water as other residents within the city limits who are not encountering these issues.

I have been told the pump is going to be replaced. I have been told to "let the water settle and the cloudiness will disappear."

I have been rather patient, and have done my due diligence in trying to get this concern rectified, while following the chain of command through multiple inquiries and phone calls. This issue is not isolated to my property alone and the city is aware of this.

It is unfortunate that I have had to escalate this concern to being published as an editorial comment. However, I have exhausted my means of communication to get this issue resolved.

I hope other residents will communicate their concerns as well.

Kelsey Fulgham

Elizabeth City