Killing off commenting snuffs out freedom of speech


Terry King

Sunday, August 25, 2019

I recently had a conversation with The Daily Advance’s editor and I must say I was extremely disappointed with the results. We discussed the “sudden death” of readers’ ability to enter comments to any Daily Advance article online. The paper is now a one-way and one-sided entity.

The editor expressed to me that the newspaper’s reduction in employees and inability to edit the comments was the reason for the decision. I never experienced any editing of my comments, so I question the validity of the explanation. Once you signed in online, you wrote your comment and it was entered on the site. So, I feel this was a disguised effort to shut out those of us who have enjoyed freedom of speech and expression.

Honesty, as I see it, seems to be a little more than the proprietors of the paper could stand.

I expressed my concern about the poor actions of management, given there wasn’t any notification the newspaper was killing off readers’ commenting ability. It wasn’t even in the obituaries. The editor advised that an explanation would be forthcoming. I felt that was kind of like closing the gate after the horse was out.

I expressed to the editor that a trust had been violated and once lost would be lost forever. The editor advised that the newspaper would “reach out” to those customers that it lost and encourage them to come back.

I expressed that I saw no means for the newspaper to bring these customers back, and that I doubted there would be any means to reach out to customers after the gate was shut.

My conclusion is that the newspaper is purging those who do not embrace the Democratic Party’s ideology. I will continue to have the printed paper sent to my Mom but I will bow out of being a supporter of the paper or their sponsors (advertisers).

It was suggested that I submit “letters to the editor.” That is unacceptable, as history has shown that many letters are either edited beyond recognition or never published. This is not a user-friendly company and does comply with my standards.

Time to play taps. The Democratic Daily Advance has expired. ... Lights out.

Terry King

Knotts Island

Editor’s note: Eliminating the commenting function on stories posted on DailyAdvance.com was a corporate decision affecting all papers in North Carolina owned by Adams Publishing Group. Readers may continue to express their opinions by writing letters to the editor, which will be published in the newspaper and posted to our website.