Not publishing email contact attempt to quash conservative views


David Pritchard

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

I reflected on The Daily Advance’s earlier posting of no longer allowing comments to be posted on its website and your statement that readers could continue to express their views by sending a letter to the editor via email for publication.

Nowhere on The Daily Advance site does it give those wishing to send a comment to the editor the email address link. The only reason that I have it is because I saved it long ago.

I cannot help thinking that the non-posting of the editor@dailyadvance.com address on The Daily Advance website was purposeful and part of the liberal media agenda that this paper so obviously embraces to quash conservative views and opinions.

With that said, your feeble attempts to quell the conservative voices, opinions, and actions will, in the end, be an exercise in failure. Truth will prevail and this nation will not buckle or concede to the evils of liberalism, socialism or communism.

David Pritchard

Elizabeth City

Editor’s note: The email address editor@dailyadvance.com is just one of several that can be used for submitting letters to The Daily Advance. Others include edaweb@dailyadvance.com, elizabethcity@dailyadvance.com and jeure@dailyadvance.com.