December 15, 2018 - 6 minutes ago

As president of the Chowan Arts Council Board of Directors, Regan Coxe is working to expand the arts council’s programs and provide more opportunities for exposing youth to the arts.

“We are trying to grow the arts in Edenton for the community and our children,” said Coxe.…

Christmas fern is a native plant with landscape potential

December 14, 2018

Now that we’ve had several hard frosts, many of the herbaceous wild plants have withered. There is one native woodland fern that is still bright and green. It’s called Christmas fern and it’s a native with untapped potential.

In wilderness areas I’ve seen it grow in soils…

Christmas Candlelight Tour to feature 14 homes

December 13, 2018

EDENTON — Fourteen homes are featured on the 37th annual Christmas Candlelight Tour that will be held in Edenton Friday and Saturday.

Besides the homes that are decorated for Christmas, several businesses and nonprofit agencies will be open to visitors during the tours, which will be from 4 p.…

December a month for remembering both war and peace

December 13, 2018

One of the best things about living here is that this is a community that remembers.

A number of groups held remembrances of Pearl Harbor on Friday. Patriotism and gratitude are found in abundance in the Albemarle and this was no exception.

I noticed a group of half a dozen or so Navy veterans in…