In times of turmoil, small comforts keep me going


By Cindy Beamon
Albemarle Life Editor

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Small things can lighten my heart when troubles in the world weigh me down.

Bad news can be overwhelming -- fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, senseless shootings, political fighting, prisoner uprisings, and endless threats of war. The overload leaves me numb, feeling nothing, which disturbs me even more. How can I not care about so much suffering?

When I become numb to all that surrounds me, I find that the small things are what touch me most.

So I'm thankful for:

-- ducks that return to our canal each fall. Just watching them preen their feathers makes me happy

-- our young pastor who spent a day in court trying to help a homeless man

-- my husband's patience. He's gone through at least 8 cans of white paint trying to find the right match for my daughter's old car that he's trying to fix up to sell for her

-- waking up with songs from our church Christmas cantata in my head

-- the chance to fix and freeze stuffing ahead for our Thanksgiving feast. Getting things done ahead means I can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the people I love.

--the bargains I find while shopping with my mother

—the warmth of soft blankets on cold mornings

-- the cats peeking in the windows each morning in hopes of getting milk

-- being able to write two heart-warming stories at work -- one about a mother who ran a marathon to honor her friend with cancer and another about computer science students at ECSU who nabbed jobs at IBM

--seeing the first Christmas lights go up in Moyock. This big flashing display makes the ride home on a dark road a little brighter.

-- hearing all the coaches on The Voice encourage contestants who did not make it to the finals

—one more answered prayer: Figuring out what to write for my column this week

Cindy Beamon is editor for the Albemarle Life section of The Daily Advance