Sometimes only one note is beautiful, if note is gratitude


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By Reggie Ponder

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

At the risk of sounding like a musical instrument that can only play one note, I must say that I am enormously grateful right now.

I have written about gratitude many times before but I have to go back there this week. While gratitude is a regular experience for me, it has been a long time since I have felt as joyful and thankful as I do now.

Many of you saw an article in Sunday’s Daily Advance about our family and some exciting developments in the past few weeks. I appreciate the wonderful job Anna Goodwin McCarthy did of sharing the story of Jane’s reunion with her oldest son, Michael Tabb.

Jane placed Michael for adoption when he was born and only learned of his whereabouts in the past few weeks. He and his wife and daughter came to Elizabeth City from Tennessee to visit with us the weekend of July 21-22. July 22 was Jane’s birthday and Michael wanted to be here for that.

When Michael walked into our house on the morning of July 21, Jane threw her arms around him and hugged him for minute after minute after minute.

It was a long time coming. She only saw him for a few seconds when he was born. The nurses asked her then if she wanted to hold him and she declined, fearing that if she held her baby she would not be able to let him go and she didn’t want to renege on a commitment she had already made through the adoption agency.

So she finally got to hold him.

And Nathan got to meet his brother. He had known for years — nearly all his life, really — that he had a half-brother who did not live with us and whom we did not have an opportunity to see.

The first time Nathan talked to Michael on the phone he had a huge grin on his face and told me, “I got to talk to my brother.”

I am grateful for the couple who raised Michael and helped him grow into the wonderful young man he is. He has tremendous love for both his adoptive mother and his biological mother and has negotiated the difficult questions that arise around adoption with grace and gentleness.

For Jane, this reunion has helped her heal gaping wounds in her heart that have been around for a long time. She has been waiting for this moment, seeking it and praying for it.

The best part for me has been seeing the joy in her face, meeting Michael and seeing the joy in his face, and seeing the joy Nathan has found in this new experience.

Sometimes one note is enough to play a beautiful tone, if that note is gratitude.

Reggie Ponder is a staff writer for The Daily Advance.