Getting used to a Saturday column


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By Reggie Ponder

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Earlier this week a regular reader of this column mentioned having missed seeing the column for a few weeks.

The comment piqued my interest, of course, and I was waiting for the reader to explain that she had been too busy to read the column, or been out of town quite a bit, or just had forgotten to look for the column.

But then she asked me if I had stopped writing the column.

When I assured her I was still writing it, she raised her eyebrows in a readily recognizable look of puzzlement.

“But I have been looking for it every Thursday,” she protested. “I always look for your column.”

“It doesn’t usually run on Thursday anymore,” I explained. “Now it usually runs on Saturday.”

“That explains it,” she said, clearly satisfied to have gotten to the bottom of the mystery.

“That explains it,” she repeated, nodding her head for emphasis.

I was encouraged when she told me she would look for the column on Saturday this week.

It’s all too easy to break any habit, whether it’s reading a particular newspaper column or going to the gym, once you’ve missed a couple of weeks.

So her resolution to resume reading the column right away on its new day of the week was reassuring to me.

I know I have sometimes missed a favorite television show for a few weeks because it changed nights and then found that once I had discovered it afresh on its new night I was no longer as taken with it as I had been before.

Hopefully most readers are taking the switch in stride. And honestly there might be weeks when it runs on a different day from Saturday, depending on what our space needs are in the paper and the decisions made at the editorial level.

In any event I plan to keep writing the column.

I’m not sure whether the new Saturday morning slot will make any difference in content or not. Earlier today I was thinking, mostly in jest, that I lean more toward frivolity and less toward serious topics for Saturday morning, since I still associate Saturday mornings somewhat with the cartoons I watched as a child.

But I’m sure I will still venture into serious territory when I’m inclined to.

And even the frivolous musing can sometimes mask a more serious thought that lies just beneath the surface.

I’m starting to get used to this new rhythm of the week based on a new day for the column to run.

I suppose the Saturday schedule also gives me an extra day or so to write the column, which is always nice.

In fact, I was thinking about writing on procrastination this week but then I decided to wait until at least next week.