Moms start biz to help others stay organized


Coast Guard wives and moms Jessie Ansley (right) and Jennifer Fogle launched their new business Streamlined and Simple in mid-July. They plan to introduce their List Book on Oct. 17, which is designed to help customers organize lists they make.


By Cindy Beamon
Albemarle Life Editor

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Moms make lists.

That's one thing Jessie Ansley, a stay-at-home mom and Coast Guard spouse, knows from experience.

The problem was she couldn't find the right notebook to help her stay organized.

"Pretty doesn't always work," she says.

So the 34-year-old designed her own notepads to manage menus, budgets, closet ideas, healthy eating tips, shopping lists and other things she needed to write down.

That's how she and Jennifer Fogle, both spouses of rescue swimmers in Elizabeth City, came up with the idea for a new online business they launched in mid-July.

Their startup called Streamlined & Simple offers a line of "functional stationery" designed to help customers keep track of life.

"Our goal is to provide simple solutions to help our customers get organized and stay organized," Ansley said.

On Oct. 17, they plan to launch a new product called The List Book designed to help customers compile all kinds of lists in one place and index them for easy access. For more info: https://www.streamlinedandsimple.com/listbook.