Contest runners-up: Loves rediscover each other in 60s


From staff reports

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

We received many entertaining and heartwarming entries for this year’s Valentine’s Day Contest. Here are four runner-up stories that contest judges selected:

David and I have known each other literally all of my life. His mother and mine were best friends. When David went away to book camp, his mother asked me to write him and I did. He answered and I sent a second letter which he never received.

I married someone else and divorced after 22 1/2 years and 2 children. He married someone else and they had 2 boys. His wife passed away in early 2010 after 44 years of marriage. I went to the visitation and checked on him after a few weeks to make sure he was okay.

We found that there was a mutual attraction that grew into love. After 3 dates, he asked me to marry him. (He was 66 and I 63). We eloped to Elizabeth City 3 days later. I was afraid that his boys would be upset that we married so soon after their mother's death, but they have been very supportive and we have been very happily married for 7 1/2 years.

Connie Miles, Edenton

We were both in college, when he obtained my phone number from a mutual friend, and got the courage to call me. I was just getting over a failed romance, and decided not to date for a while. With one phone call he asked me out for six consecutive days. Six times I refused, and had an excuse for why I could not go out with him.

He then asked a seventh time, and because he was so persistent, I said yes.

That was 35 years ago, and sometimes when he gets irritated with me, he will say " I wish I wasn't so persistent that time!"

To which I reply, " I wish I had not felt sorry for you!"

The Lord blessed us with two beautiful, wonderful children, and that's how I know I made the right decision. This April we will celebrate 33 years of marriage.

Victoria and Howard Williams, Hertford

It wasn’t the first day nor four months later (offering a diamond on Christmas); I knew he was the one as the days passed and he patiently waited for me to decide... a year later.

Through the years what has endeared me are his caring ways. From his checking on me until my shift ended when I showed up to work scraped and bruised from a bike wreck, our first date- me falling from the canoe (the look on his face helping me reboard), to supporting me in completing my life’s dream- becoming a teacher, he’s been by my side. That August day in 2007 when I received the diagnosis of breast cancer, through this past decade he’s been my support- every mammogram, test, treatment, doctor visit.

I give thanks each day- to look back, remember, and appreciate all we’ve experienced. I love you Don Campbell and I look forward to what’s to come!

Tammy Campbell, Elizabeth City

Last February, my daughter decided to move back to North Carolina from Florida. The week before Valentine’s Day, I went down to Florida to assist. My ex-husband her father flew in the next day from New York. We spent several days together packing and preparing for the move. It was a rare moment of family time considering Robert and I have been divorced for just about 30 years. By the time Robert left to return home, the spark of love between us was reunited with a kiss or two. We continued talking and renewing our relationship for the past year and now I am happy to share that we will remarry this year in July. We will spend this Valentine Day together in awe of what God has done. It was the kiss that brought us together when we were teenagers and the kiss has brought us together once again.

Gaylyn Skeets Wilson, Elizabeth City