Laughs, music, joy of 'Hee Haw' returning to Chowan


Performers play a song during last year’s “Hee Haw” show. The Rocky Hock Ruritan Club will present three performances of the show this year at the Rocky Hock Community Auditorium: one on Jan. 25 and two on Jan. 26.


By Miles Layton
Chowan Herald

Thursday, January 10, 2019

EDENTON — “Hee Haw” is returning to Chowan County.

The music and comedy show, presented by the Rocky Hock Ruritan Club and based on the hit 1970s CBS variety show, will be held at the Rocky Hock Community Auditorium at 126 Evans Bass Road, Edenton, on Jan. 25-26.

“’Hee Haw’ was a classic TV show because for an hour each week you could laugh, pat your foot, sing along and forget your troubles. That’s what we are striving for this year at our show, too,” said Steve Evans, a longtime organizer of the show and others.

Three shows are scheduled: Friday, Jan. 25 at 7 p.m., and Saturday, Jan. 26, at 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 and proceeds pay for maintenance and insurance on the Rocky Hock Ruritan Club Building, which houses the auditorium, and provide support for other community service projects.

Evans says the “blueprint” for the show comes straight from the original “Hee Haw” show in the 1970s.

“Our Rocky Hock Opry Band is the backbone of the music, but we have several other members of our community that are big contributors and characters in this show,” Evans said. “We also have a few ‘out of towners’ that are great friends and musicians and are always willing to help. Once again, everyone donates their time and talents to make this a success.”

Asked what will be different about this year’s show, Evans said, “Everything.”

“Since I wrote to script I can honestly say that all the jokes and comedy scripts are fresh, never used in any of our shows before,” he said. “And man, is that difficult. It is hard to keep new material all the time, but that is something that we constantly strive for.

“We love keeping the classic country music going too, just like they did on the original show,” he said.

Some old favorites and new surprises are in order.

“We always like to have some surprise guests, and this year is no different,” Evans said.

He notes that while everyone has a favorite character or personality from the original show, most folks liked how the cast came together to make the show funny week after week.

“I grew up watching ‘Hee Haw’ every week, so it is really difficult for me to say who my favorite character was,” Evans said.

However, it’s hard to forget Roy Clark.

“We just lost a tremendous musician and ‘Hee Haw’ star in Roy Clark,” Evans said. “He could play any instrument and sing and was quite a funny guy too. He had so much fun doing what he did, so, if I had to narrow it down, I guess you could say it was him. But I loved every single one of them, I watched the show so much, they all felt like family.”

Tickets for the three “Hee Haw” shows are available at Byrum Hardware in Edenton and at Dan Pittman Insurance Co. in Windsor, or by calling 333-8567 or 221-4875.