Bateman's works capture area's beauty, give her serenity

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Lina Bateman


By Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, June 15, 2019

With her yellow lab, Stella, and her Maltese, Minnie Pearl, at her feet Lina Bateman asks Alexa to play John Denver. She then starts to paint.

Whether it is a picturesque landscape of a river or a cottage by the ocean, Bateman uses her brushstrokes to capture the beauty of northeastern North Carolina.

“Born and raised” in Elizabeth City, Bateman said she was inspired by her mother, Edith Lister, to love art at a young age.

“My mother was very artistic,” said Bateman. “She taught me how to draw.”

Bateman worked as a teacher assistant for 15 years until 2003. She then began working in the medical field, and is currently a phlebotomist.

Bateman also serves as a North Carolina wildlife rehabilitator, and she has taken in and rehabbed animals like squirrels, possums, rabbits and baby fawns.

She started painting and selling her work almost two decades ago. She’s also painted murals in schools, businesses and churches.

Bateman says she finds serenity and peace in painting.

“I enjoy painting because it gives me a sense of release,” she said.

Bateman likes to paint landscapes, animals and birds. She’s often been commissioned to paint pet portraits and beach cottages. The owners provide her with photographs, which she then uses as a guide.

Bateman begins her process by sketching what she intends to paint.

“Once you put paint to canvas, it really falls together,” she said.

Bateman dabbles in watercolor, but prefers oils and acrylics for most of her work.

Bateman recently started offering painting classes. The class scheduled for June is full, but future classes will be available. Bateman suggests checking out her Paint Me That Facebook page.

Bateman said she sells her work on Facebook, and customers interested in commissioning a piece may contact her through Facebook Messenger.

Bateman enjoys spending time with her husband, Duane, and her two daughters and grandson.

For more information about Bateman’s artwork and classes, visit her Paint Me That Facebook page.